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Gouk Shion

Japanese Outfit Brand "GOUK" x Pullip First Collaboration!!- About "GOUK"With the theme of a new ''Japanese'', it is a brand developing casual and modern clothes. Beautiful silhouettes and distinctive patterns fascinate many fans and are loved by both...


Accessory:Pompadour Headdress,Ribbon Bag, Doll StandFeeling: Shall we have a tea party? Get carried away by the aroma of tea… A beautiful moment ….Feel Like So..-Size: about 12 inch-Package: Window Box-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBCPVC,...


Please understand and agree before your purchase!! Please understand,  This item is final, NO RETURN,  NO EXCHANGE, and NO REFUND  at any time.  This is really old model and stock at Japan our warehouse a while. We are rally...