Easy doll customize -
crafting doll debut!

You can easily express the doll you envision

Groove,the company that has been releasing Pullip dolls for many years, is starting the
"Everyone Becomes a Doll Customizing Artist Project."
With the new release of crafting dolls, you can make your debut as a Doll Customizing Artist !

English subtitles are now available for our YouTube videos to enhance reach wider audiences.
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What is a crafting doll?

Range of motion

The neck moves just like a human's.

The "arms" and "shoulders" also move.

The eyes move this much.

You can cross the legs and bend them too.

Feel free to request any pose you'd like. I can handle any request you have.

The first released kids are these six

The details of the release will be announced on this page at a later date.