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Doll Case & Book set

Doll case With bonus (Book:Fashion Doll Pullip-Hi! I'm Pullip-) Gothic & Lolita Bible Production!!!Angelic Pretty Collaboration with a new, Sweet Portable Doll Case!!!I want to go on outing with a cute doll ", a wish produced by Gothic & Lolita...
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Factory sale / Doll Stand 3 piece

** Doll Stand color can not chose yourself Please understand and agree before your purchase!!This item is Defect correspondence product.We are rally careful to check before on cart our online store.Please understand,This item is final, NO RETURN, NO...

Book:Fashion Doll Pullip-Hi! I'm Pullip-

*Only Written by Japanese ‘’Fashion Doll Pullip ~ Hi I’m Pullip’’Contents:-   Hi I’m Pullip : Pullip Profile-   Pullip and Friends: Pullip Family Profile-   Pullip History-   Pullip Photo...