To coincide with the 20th anniversary of Pulip's birth, Woori♡ Pullip",
a mini size of Pulip Woori♡ Pulip" is now available!

*Woori = everyone's
I am a cute size that fits in your hand.
So I'll be with you everywhere.Woori♡Pulip~♪

I'm a cute size that fits in your hand.
So you and me, we can be together
anywhere~ With Woori♡Pullip~♪


☆Approx.. 8.5" height (cf:Pullip is approx.12"), it is three-half size of Pullip.
☆The eyes can move left and right,
(wink function like Pullip is not installed.)
The head can be tilted left and right,
back and forth to create variety expression.

Interview with Mitsubachi-san

Pullip: Kuhn, My Melody×HEN-NAKO, Seira, Galene, Alura, Laura, Seira Nocturne.
Taeyang: Natsume.
Isul: Hednar, Mao, Nekoneko Maomao, Black Mao.
Byul: Paradis.
Outfits: Created Fuzzylogic Outfit Set, KaniHoney Outfit Set.  
She has been involved in numerous productions, including.

Another Cut  -  From Photo by kiraboshizakka-ten  徳島県板野郡藍住町奥野和田80.   GOOGLE MAP.