The winning entry of the Custom Doll Contest finally gets
its long-awaited commercial release

This Elphara, themed around tranquility and healing, is filled to the brim with love.

The one-piece dress is put together in red and white colors

The eye makeup consists of pink and black eyeliner

Elfara wears two hair accessories with different moods

The twin tails with pink hair have large ribbons attached

The eyeshadow has a
heart motif on it.

Shoes also have heart motifs.

The softly flouncing skirt is decorated with large crosses and ruby colored charms that add a touch of glamour.

The headdress is decorated with heart motifs,
crosses and tassels.

Attached cape with
shining golden wings (removable)


Head Dress  

 Eye patch  



Socks & Shoes   


Embracing a wounded heart with warmth like the light of a lamp...I will be a nurse who brings you peace and healing…Feel Like So.