What's ”crafting doll”?

With our new "crafting doll", you can make your debut as a doll artist
Have you ever admired those custom dolls you see on the internet or social media?
Ever thought about creating your own custom doll? But the idea of making an original doll seems daunting, right?
You have to prepare the doll, do the makeup, choose and attach doll eyes, select a wig, sew clothes, and even prepare shoes and accessories... Just imagining it, making a handmade custom doll seems like quite a challenge.
Well, here's something perfect for you: a custom-exclusive doll designed especially for beginners!
Introducing the Crafting Doll! It's okay to be greedy about the things you love.Why not enjoy fashion and crafts together with your doll?

Why not become a doll customize artist?
The Crafting Doll comes pre-fitted with doll eyes, light makeup, and a wig! With just a little tweaking, customization can begin! Furthermore, by purchasing separately sold doll-specific patterns and printed fabrics, you can easily complete clothes by following the instructions in the fabric and pattern kit! The patterns are small, so you can finish sewing them in no time, even by hand! And let's not forget about the footwear. Shoes, available for separate purchase alongside the doll, are also provided. Once you've chosen your items and put them on, your doll is complete! Enjoy ♡

Feel free to pose however you like
The Crafting Doll features movable eyes that can look left and right, and its body is poseable. It can strike various poses, raise its arms, cross its legs, and even bow. It can wear the clothes you've made and strike lovely poses. Its gaze is adjustable, so it can look straight ahead or cast sidelong glances, which adds to its charm. With a separate stand available for purchase, achieving standing poses is also easy!

The first to be released are these six.

These uniquely charming dolls are eager to become your best friends and are waiting to meet you! Choosing your favorite and making clothes, selecting shoes should be lots of fun. Why not debut as a doll custom artist with Crafting Dolls while having fun? A delightful world awaits you just by imagining it!

Where to buy?
You must be wondering where you can buy Crafting Dolls now, right?
In Japan, you can find them at famous craft stores! For those overseas, they'll be available for purchase at Groove store Japan starting Scheduled for release in late May.Detailed information will be announced on the Crafting Doll website (https://www.jgroove.jp/pages/craftingdoll) as it becomes available. And remember, you can get the latest updates by following Groove's official social media accounts!

Detailed information about Crafting Doll can be found here.