Alice in Innocent World

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The Japanese Outfit Brand "Innocent World" has released a Popular Pullip in the "OTONA Alice Series"!!
- Collaboration Pullip with Apparel Brand Innocent World is back!! This time, the clothes from the Popular brand "OTONA Alice Series" are reproduced in Doll size!
- A cute headdress with a large eye-catching ribbon, an apron with plenty of lace and frills, and an elegant one-piece dress with deep blue and black lace and ribbons. it is characterized by atmosphere.
- If you hand a doll-sized pochette with a cute stuffed ribbit from your shoulder, the world of OTONA Alice like Innocent World will spread out.
- The doll has an innocent girlish impression, with charming makeup that matches the clothes and adds a classic look to the cuteness, and reddish brown wavy hair.

Feeling: Chasing the Clock Rabbit...Get Lost in a Mysterious World... I want to go to a Tea Party at 3:00pm as an OTONA Alice...Feel Like So.

Accessories: Headdress, Stuffed Toy Pochette, Doll Stand
Set Contents: Headdress, Dress, Apron, Pannier, Pants, Socks, Shoes, Stuffed Toy Pochette

-Package: Window Box
-Size: about 12 inch
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Material


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Erin Jul 14th 2023

Beautiful doll!

It took a while, but she was worth the wait! The outfit is lovely, with lots of detail. I love that the rabbit clips on, rather than trying to slide it up the body over clothing. Makeup is subtle and natural looking, and her hair is a pretty red-brown. My only complaint is that the stand split when I tried to put her on it. I'm assuming the glue holding the pieces let go. Fortunately, I have other stands and was able to pull one out for her.

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