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The First Collaboration with the apparel brand "MR corset" is a reproduction of the popular ANGEL WING in doll size!!

- The first collaboration Pullip with Apparel brand MR corset appears.
- The first collaboration model to be commemorated is a headdress and dress that reproduces the brand's popular ANGEL WING in doll size. It is a luxurious specification that is coordinated with a beautiful corset and arm covers with a delicate design. with the coordination of the brand, you can see the cute ANGEL WING from the front and back, making it beautiful doll from any angle.
- Accented with a headdress and corset that uses a lot of delicate lace, it's a coordination that tickles the girl's heart.
- The fluffy skirt with plenty of lace is so adorable that you will want to touch it.
- If you remove the corset, you can fully enjoy the CROCHET LACE ANGEL WING DRESS reproduced in doll size.
- The elegant and beautiful make-up that matches the clothes is a light blue eye shadow, impressive pink eyes, and plump pink lip, packed with a maiden's dream.
- The white and blonde curly hair is cutely combined into two, and it's specification that you can enjoy without hiding the ANGEL WING.

Feeling:Like Butterflies Dancing in a moonlit night...Feel Like So.

Accessories: Headdress, Arm Covers, Doll Stand
Set Contents: Headdress, Dress, Corset, Pannier, Pants, Socks, Shoes, Arm Covers
-Package: Window Box
-Size: about 12 inch
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Material


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