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** Doll Stand color can not chose yourself

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-Material: ATBCPVC, 


Reviews (3)

Fallingstars Jun 1st 2020

Lovely Stands

This is my second time buying these stands for my custom dolls/sample dolls and I cannot recommend them enough. Just know you don’t know what color you will get. Last time I got all white, and this time I got 3 teal colored ones. Regardless they were gorgeous and they are perfect for you to customize and paint or make them more personalized for your doll. And the price is honestly the best.

Fallingstars Apr 29th 2020

Awesome Stands

Got three white stands, I do not mind at all. In fact, I wanted a white one. And I want to customize them so it is perfect that I got them in white. You could paint them, add on things to these stands to make them more fun or unique. And the price is perfect for three stands. Highly recommend them. They were shipped fast and will be buying more from them. I love this store.

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