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** Doll Stand color can not chose yourself

Please understand and agree before your purchase!!
This item is Defect correspondence product.
We are rally careful to check before on cart our online store.
Please understand,This item is final, NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE, and NO REFUND at any time.

Please note; If you will purchased separate order Complete, We cannot combine total over US$195.00 Free shipping 

-Material: ATBCPVC, 


Reviews (2)

Fallingstars Apr 29th 2020

Awesome Stands

Got three white stands, I do not mind at all. In fact, I wanted a white one. And I want to customize them so it is perfect that I got them in white. You could paint them, add on things to these stands to make them more fun or unique. And the price is perfect for three stands. Highly recommend them. They were shipped fast and will be buying more from them. I love this store.

Katelyn Smith Jul 25th 2019

Good deal

I needed new stands and was pleasantly surprised that the stands were not the blue in the picture. I ordered three sets of these and received black, white and gold ones. Nicely packaged!

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