Little Twin Stars KIKI

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SANRIO Popular Character Second Collaboration is Twin Brother!
ISUL Little Twin Stars KIKI

Sanrio Famous Character Little Twin Stars 2nd Collaboration which twin brothers with refreshing Blue color.
Refreshing pastel light blue hair. The same stars as the twin sisters LALA are shining in the eyes.
When you close eyelids, a print reminiscent of a blue star appears.
An original Hat with a star. The star-patterned lace creates a fluffy feel. The ankles are using laced.
The shoes are the same color as LALA. The wings are removable.

Accessories: Head Accessory, Wing, Doll Stand
Set Contents: Hat, One-Piece, Pants, Wing, Tights, Leg Accessory, Shoes
Feeling:If we are together…Everything will sparkle…Let’s stay together forever…Situation like so.

-Package: Window Box
-Size: about 11 inch
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Material


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PM May 12th 2024

Very beautiful and super sweet!

This is my first Isul in my collection of 15+ Pullip dolls and I'm very happy it's him. He is so cute! I love his range of motion! His outfit pairs beautifully with Lala and his design from head to toe is super cute and detailed. The 'necklace' is a part of the shirt, which means you can't take it off, but it's styled nicely in place. His wig is full and soft and easy to style. The wings are decorated on the back, like Lala's, and I wish you could see the pretty design from the front view, but that's a minor wish. The wings have a pin on the back to attach them but I used a loose rubber band to create a 'harness' as I didn't want to poke a hole in his clothes, which worked great. The shoes were a bit difficult to get on (same design as Lala's, but hers were easier to fasten) and his eye mechanism was very tight to shut his eyes for the first time, but no more than what is typical for new dolls. His eyes and eyelids are so pretty, it's hard to decide on how to leave them, which means I've been posing him a little differently every few days! Kiki and Lala are inseparable gems for my collection!!

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