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- The shape of the long eyelashes and eyebrows and makeup of the cheeks are distinctive.

- Wearing a muff and cardigan gives a warm impression, but removing the cardigan will make it a cool short sleeve dress.

- The bag is easily removable from the shoulder because it can be removed with hardware.

- There are many items such as hair accessory, muff, cardigan, bag, so can enjoy multiple coordination in one.

- The eyelids have a slight lame in yellow and even when the wink and eyes are closed, they are very different from other dolls.

Feeling:I can hear the calm voices of trees and animals from the forest.... A path surrounded by sunflowers.... That's where I feel the warmth of nature....Feel Like So.

Accessories: Bag, Muff, Hair Accessory

Set Contents: Hair Accessory, Cardigan, One-Piece Dress, Muff, Bag, Underwear, Boots, Socks

-Size: about 12inch

-Package: Window Box

-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBCPVC, Dress Materiall





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