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- A unique doll incorporating HARAJYUKU fashion in the 2010s with the concept of POP Monsters. 

The mint-green twin-tails have a cute ribbon and are like candy.

- The chest harness and wrist accessories are removable an soften the impression when it comes off.

- The print on the top and tights of the dress with sheer bones, and the motif of the skirt and the bag are not enough to be bored with just cute, matching the seeing of the doll.

Feeling:Glitter shower of Candy Color Pours Down.... The Monsters are dancing with great energy in this city with KAWAII energy....Feel Like So.

Accessories: Horns, Bag, Doll Stand

Set Contents: Horns, One-Piece Dress, Pannier, Harness, Bracelet, Tights, Shoes, Bag

-Size: about 12inch

-Package: Window Box

-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBCPVC, Dress Materiall





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Gina Rush Nov 11th 2020

Thank you!

Thank you for everything! She is very beautiful! I love her!

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