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Introducing Pullip wearing a dark theme.
Keres with the motif of the Reaper is characterized by a large Scythe that is about the height.
When you take off cloak, you’ll transform into long silver hair and a navy lace dress.
The detachable gray vest has a skull pattern printed on the chain and a cute horror taste.
Makeup based on the cold color is a design that matches the concept well. The lower eyelids have a dubious blue
shadow on the white skin, surrounded by black eye shadows. The lower lashes are not black, but navy and brown.

Feeling: The screams of reaping from a living person lead me to a dark and quiet paradise…Feel Like So.
Accessories: Scythe, Cape, Doll Stand
Set Contents: Cape, One-Piece, Tie, Belt, Vest, Pannier, Scythe, Tights, Shoes

-Size: about 12 inch
-Package: Window Box
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Material


Reviews (1)

Angela Nov 6th 2020

Definitely recommend Keres, but that scythe....

First of all, don't hesitate to order Keres. She is LOVELY. Her face up is magical with glittering eyes and navy eyeshadow. Her stock is gorgeous. That cloak - I wish it came in my size. The cloak is a little tricky to fasten on with the separate velcro collar. I would have preferred a hook and eye closure, but it is truly beautiful nonetheless. The dress is perfect with tons of details. I don't like her boots - they are unstructured pleather and wobbly. But, that puffy scythe - it's too cartoony. I wish they had just crafted this from plastic or metal. Overall, I would ABSOLUTELY buy her again.

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Additional Info