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A Melancholy Look…She still offers her prayers today.
Pullip Vesta that sheds tears with glitter.
The veil, which is as long as the height, has a calm wine red color.
The white lace gently wraps around face.
When unveiled, you’ll have long white hair and a luxurious, classical outfit.
Plenty of frills on blouse sleeves and skirt hem,
The heart that shines bright red on the chest and the gold pants of the waist decoration are gorgeous.
Makeup: gold eyeshadow that shines with blue eyes that seems to be inhaled, and lips finished in Bordeaux color, giving an adult calm impression.
The attached tear parts are stickers, so you can attach them wherever you like.

Feeling:With the love of Heavenly Mother… I want to fill the darkness of this world with light…Feel Like So.
Accessories: Veil, Stick, Tear Parts, Doll Stand
Set Contents: Vail Collar, Blouse, Belt, Waist Accessory, Red Skirt, Gold Skirt, Tights, Pumps, Stick, Tear parts


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