Sample doll / Quince

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New Creator's Label Model, Customizer ''SILVER BUTTERFLY'' created Bisque Doll Style Cute DAL!!

- New Creator's Label: ''SILVER BUTTERFLY'' which performs clothes production and a custom of various Dolls, and have many fans.
- The delicate make with the brightness with the pearl color is totally atmosphere...such as Bisque Doll♡
- The eye chip with the decoration of the flower is unprecedented impression. The clothes that a frill and a race seem to be plentiful love are the stylish design.
- There are the pretty cape of the sailor neckband and the antique bag, and the width of coordinates spreads, too.
Feeling:Be charmed in the beautiful world....Jumped out to cut down a memory at a big bag shiningly!!
Accessories: Headdress, Cape, Bag
Set Contents: Headdress, Cape, Frill Skirt, Jumper Skirt, Blouse, Panier, Pants, Socks, Shoes, Bag

-Size: about 9 inch
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBCPVC, Dress Material


Reviews (3)

Lili Jun 1st 2020

Cuteness overload

Wow, I always love an adorable DAL face-up, but to have one with unique eye chips complement the whole soft pastel color scheme. Added love factor: her boots have actual lace-ups. Her entire stock is pretty up there in the best dressed list!

Satu May 7th 2020

Sample doll / Quince

I ordered to my daughter this doll and she was very pleased. Just perfect!

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