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- The same light and clear pupil as DAL Pixie is a jewel-like Eirene.

- The makeup is brilliant with a gorgeous lip with pink gradation, eye shadow with a clear color gradation from yellow to pink, and pink teak.
- The eyebrows that are thicker and have lower buttocks appear to be smiling gently. Eyelids are light pink, so it is cute to wink. 
- The dress is about the fabric. The pastel colored fabric that overlaps under the lace is the original design.
- The colors are slightly different because fabric are used at random. Part of the cloak is lined so that butterflies appear to lift the end of the cloak.
Accessory: Dress, Cape, Pannier, Underwear, Shoes, Tiara, Choker,Doll Stand
Felling:So that you can see the roses and give them free love.... You are also loved by all things in the forest....Feel Like So.
-Size: about 12 inch
-Package: Window Box
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Materiall

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Fallingstars Jun 5th 2020

A Magical Doll

A must have!! I got her out of the box today and I couldn’t believe how magnificent she was. There are no YouTube reviews of her yet because she was just recently released but all I can say is that everything about her is perfect. Her cotton candy dress is stunning, it is really puffy, and you can tell how much detail went into it. Those lavender eye chips are rare and make you wanna look at her all the time. She has easily become one of my favorites Pullip dolls because of how beautiful she is. I highly recommend her. You’ll fall in love with her as soon as you get her.

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Additional Info