(DS-003)Factory sale / Doll Stand 3 piece

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** Doll Stand color can not chose yourself

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This item is Defect correspondence product.
We are rally careful to check before on cart our online store.
Please understand,This item is final, NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE, and NO REFUND at any time.

Please note; If you will purchased separate order Complete, We cannot combine total over US$195.00 Free shipping 

-Material: ATBCPVC, 


Reviews (6)

Kimberly Mar 3rd 2021

Nice color stands

I received light blue stands. They are so cute.

Erin Jan 22nd 2021

Nice and secure

These are great stands. Currently, I have 1 doll that needed it, but it's always good to have backup. I received white ones (as opposed to the blue in the picture), but that makes no difference to me. Knowing that my dolls are save and nicely posed is all that matters. I will definitely buy more, either as add-ons with doll purchases or on their own.

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