GS favorite: Pullip Kuromi & Dal Kuromi set

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·KUROMI will be celebrating the 15th Anniversary in 2020, will appear PULLIP.
·Dressed in Black, Purple, White and Pink has many adorable elements of KUROMI. KUROMI’s Charm Point, Large Ears and Skull Marks have a great impact.
A gingham check dress with a perfect score has a skull mark on it.
A cute tail is designed on the back and moves freely.
·The head ribbon and bolero are removable. One-Piece white that catches your eyes when you take off the bolero.
·Makeup: while giving a playful dot design to the eye line, the mouth expresses the energeticness of KUROMI with a bluish cute pink.
·The skull is marked on the eye

Feeling:KUROMI is here!! One Million pieces of dress up dresses that are fashionable and cute...Until the day you become a Skull, you are also a captive of me, Right?..... Feel Like So.
Accessories: Head Piece, KUROMI Mascot, Doll Stand
Set Contents: Head Piece, One-Piece Dress, Bolero,  Pannier, Tights, KUROMI Mascot, Shoe¥

A collaboration doll with “DAL” that is packed with the charm of SANRIO’s Popular character “KUROMI”.
 The make-up has a slightly stronger impression. It goes perfectly with purple-colored straight hair Use plenty of ribbon for outfit, and for a cute finish you can transform into pants style by removing the skirt.
 The big ears of the hat and the tail attached to the pumpkin pants are removable.

Accessories: Hat, Bag, Hairpin, Doll Stand
Set Contents: Hat, Scarves, Blouse, Pumpkin Pants, Bustlers, Skirt, Socks, Shoes Bag, Hairpin
Feeling: I  decided perfectly with a dressing outfit…I’m the strongest invincible…
With this cuteness of KUROMI, I’ll definitely make you such a heart Melter!!
-Package: Window Box
-Size: about 9inch
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Material




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