Beginners set: Nine-Tailed FOX KUMIHO

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This is fun all Pullip Fans.

Beginners set: Doll comes 4 pair Eye Chip, 1 outfit ,1 Wig , 4 pair shoes and Pullip Book
*Outfit, Eye Chips, Wig, and Shoes cannot choose your self.

*Wig:Without box package

*Outfit:Without box package

Wig -Material: PP, Polyester
Eyechip -Material: PVC
Shoes -Material: PVC,Fabric
Outfit -Material: PVC,Fabric


- A fierce and fascinating Nine Tailed Fox Pullip Appeared!!
- Long and Beautiful Hair like flowering has blue and green mesh, A bushy ear that grew up between the hair makes feel loveless.
- The face with impressive refined and delicate makeup is pointed.
- Gorgeous Clothing is a gold band that shines beautifully, a tassel of swinging red, A purple over skirt that reflects light is impressive.

Accessories: Fox Tail (Nine), Doll Stand
Set Contents: Kimono, Under Shirts, Belt, Tassel Decorative Band, Over Skirt, Hakama, Fox Tail, Shoes
Feeling: Waiting a thousand years under the moonlight.... When will the patrolling world meet in the edge of this world?
What is the meaning of immortal body.....Feel Like So.
-Size: about 12 inch
-Package: Window Box
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC-PVC, Dress Material


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